Securing a newly-created MGAs capacity

A newly-created MGA was seeking to further its capacity beyond the UK market. It was looking at taking on an additional commercial book of business in Europe and needed to demonstrate superior data management to potential carriers.

They were having to do this through engaging with pan-European capacity, meaning the system had to cope with several variable sources of data. They contacted Giroux and engaged with us to create a proof of concept to secure extra capacity. Giroux offered the client our Lightning solution, which helped the insurer future-proof its business through the power of analytics – both on budget, and on time. By lowering the barriers of access to world-class platforms, the insurer’s management team received instant insights on risk pricing, exposure analysis and operational efficiency.

We implemented our cloud-based analytics platform and aligned the tailor-made solution in line with the business’s strategy and KPIs while linking all of the business’s data for deeper and more meaningful insights. The self-service analytics tool allows individuals to analyse the book of business by whichever dimension or attribute they require.

This led to the successful implementation of the platform on time and within budget. All key data is now unified, structured and optimised for detailed analysis. This platform exceeded the capacity provider’s expectation tremendously and resulted in our client securing further capacity.

By building trust and enhancing its reputation with its capacity provider, by demonstrating a complete control of their book of business, this MGA has successfully expanded its capacity footprint. The data warehouse is now seen as a core pillar of the business and a vital asset in its expansion plans.