Implementing a strong data toolset across all business units

Our client has a model that provides capacity to enable individuals and teams to launch their own underwriting business units, known as Underwriting Cells. The problem they faced was the difficulty in extracting data from multiple current systems for timely insights, as their sub-clients used many different systems. Giroux helped them implement a single system across all their clients for consistency.

With many units and sub-clients working with them, the client wanted to implement a strong, structured data analytics implementation. Their previous claims bordereaux and premium information were sent and produced by multiple sources. To help them, they approached Giroux and contracted our Club solution.

Giroux analysed their business process as a whole, and set up core client with a system before implementing our solution to all of their underwriting cells. We began with business model interpretation, which articulates the model which the data warehouse will support, factoring in mission, vision, strategy, critical success factors, executive-level KPIs, critical capabilities and processes, organisational vision and values. Next, we used this output to perform agile modelling of the data warehouse using the Business Event Analysis & Modelling process.

As a result of using our Club solution, the Client now has one secure scalable solution deployed across all their clients. This gave them a complete overview of their business, and the ability to take ownership. The system permits safe and easy transfer of reports and goals, as it is deployed across all businesses within our client’s control.