Returning an MGA’s book of business back to profitable status

An MGA broker for specialist painter and decorator’s insurance was about to transfer all their data to a warehouse but had a problem with a single book of business. Their doubts over this book proved well placed, as Giroux revealed in its analysis, which provided the underwriter with everything they needed to adjust their question set.

To do this, Giroux performed field interviews to uncover additional attributes that the bordereau should have to manage and analyse their risk more effectively. By analysing the scheme in greater detail, the client was able to improve its ability to manage the risk and return the book to its previously profiable status.

Once the data was ready, Giroux worked for five days on the project, developing a claims Datamart using MS SQL Server and Microstrategy that allowed the client to analyse claims at a more granular level, determining which section had the highest lost ratio.

Giroux provided client with a high-level overview of the entire book, highlighting trends and areas of concern that needed to be analysed further, as well a presentation and in-depth report. This resulted in the number of bordereau columns being augmented to provide more predictive and refined risk underwriting.