The benefits of using Giroux

Data should be seen as the lifeblood of your business, not just another thing on your endless to-do list. Giroux’s platform helps you unleash your data’s full potential, removing time-consuming processes, freeing up precious resources and placing effortless intelligence at each of your employee’s fingertips, empowering everyone to achieve more.

No more late-night spreadsheets, no more collecting data and no more waiting for answers.

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Enhance underwriting profitability and commission potential through data-driven risk pricing and selection.

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Maximise capacity from carriers by allowing governed and personalised direct access to underwriting and compliance data.

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Boost productivity by shifting valuable resources away from data processing and towards data analysis.

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Empower employees through self-service analytics tailored to their role.

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Improve efficiency by automating reporting, such as outward bordereaux, compliance dashboards and triangulations.

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Optimise distribution channels proactively using data insights.

Our guarantee to you

We offer real peace of mind, even with complex projects. Our robust and proven method minimises the risk of issues at Go-Live, and we guarantee that we’ll be on hand whenever you need us during your contract period. We’re there to resolve any questions and assist you as you go, making sure the platform maintains perfect performance.

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