Rapid Data Warehousing – design and deployment

Get a data-warehouse up and running in 48-hours
and unlock business intelligence – fast

Building a rapid data warehouse is a vital first step in optimising your business intelligence capability. And when we say rapid we mean it.  Within 48 hours of working with you we’ll be able to extract data from selected source systems, organise this data into a ‘warehouse’ and make it accessible to you on Excel or your preferred BI tool.

A fast return on your investment

You’ll now have a fully functioning data warehouse that is already beginning to deliver valuable business insights from day one. And as you continue to add to and optimise your data, the deeper and more revealing your business intelligence becomes.

Agile intelligence – GIROUX grows with your business

In up to three years you’ll have a mature, fully optimised data warehouse (although any critical business performance issues are generally identified and resolved within the first year of deployment). At this point your ODS (Operational Data Stores) will marry seamlessly with your EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse), giving you near-time access to high value information via advanced business reporting and analytics and mobile intelligent transacting.

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