Advanced business intelligence and analytics

  • Financial modelling
  • Management reporting
  • Operational alerting and reporting

Enhance revenue generation, mitigate risk and increase
operational efficiency

GIROUX gives you the tools to exploit the ever-increasing quantity of data that is generated by your organisation, enabling you to see behind the numbers and gain deep commercial insights.

GIROUX uniquely translates business insight goals into a well structured BI capability

Agile, flexible and intuitive, GIROUX’s mobile solutions go far beyond the scope and capabilities of any ordinary downloadable BI tool. It is a fully tailored BI solution that enables you to act on near-time insights delivered directly to your laptop or mobile device, in a secure and easily digestible format using mobile intelligent transacting.

Make better-informed decisions

Critically, GIROUX ensures that your data analyses are linked directly to the strategic direction and operational objectives of your business. This allows you to generate a reliable flow of meaningful business intelligence that can be acted upon in real time to achieve your aims. It also enables you to identify and control who will most benefit from this intelligence, for what purpose and how and when it is delivered.

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