Financial Services

Advanced analytical and intelligence technologies for the financial services industry using MicroStrategy

“6 of the top 10 global diversified financial institutions have standardised
using MicroStrategy…”

  • Financial Analysis and Compliance
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Advisory Services
  • Sales & Trading
  • Fraud Profiling and Risk Analysis

GIROUX provides comprehensive and flexible support to meet the analytical and intelligence needs of the financial industry. We apply a MicroStrategy BI platform, giving you the essential ‘drill anywhere’ capability to manage and investigate the wealth of data involved in customer relationships. Deal efficiently with complex information, create integrated financial libraries and carry out sophisticated financial analysis – quickly and easily.

“Financial services companies that use MicroStrategy have had a 9% higher sales
growth in the past 5 years, and 10% higher return on equity than companies that
don’t use MicroStrategy…” Data Source:Fortune

GIROUX financial applications using MicroStrategy 10x

Financial Analysis and Compliance

  • Revenue Reporting
  • Cost Analysis
  • P&L Reporting
  • Margin Analysis
  • Taxes
  • Budget Variance Analysis
  • Loan Analysis
  • Trade Floor Reporting
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Compliance Alerting


  • Marketing Segmentation
  • Web Traffic Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Customer Loyalty Analysis
  • Cross Sell Analysis
  • Up Sell Analysis
  • Product Profitability Analysis
  • Product Management
  • Channel Efficiency

Sales & Trading

  • Research Distribution
  • Client Loyalty Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Position Reporting
  • Hedge Slippage Alerts
  • Transaction Volume Analysis
  • Market Data Analysis
  • Financial / P&L Reporting
  • Trade Floor Reporting
  • Refinance Risk Analysis

  • Call Centre Management
  • Channel Management
  • Customer Statements
  • Trade Confirmations
  • Trade Settlement Alerts
  • Wire Transfer Alerts
  • Swap Mark to Markets
  • Financial Reporting
  • Trade Floor Reporting
  • Commission Reporting
  • Branch Office Scorecards

Advisory Services

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Statements
  • Customer Alerts
  • What-if Analysis
  • Research Distribution
  • Portfolio Risk Analysis
  • Product Introduction
  • Customer Profitability Analysis
  • Tax Notification
  • Confirmation Alerts

Fraud Profiling and Risk Analysis

  • Credit Risk Management
  • Hedge Slippage Alerts
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Exposure Reporting
  • Exceptions Risk Management
  • Value At Risk Analysis
  • Customer Risk Scoring
  • Underwriting Scorecards
  • Index Performance Alerts
  • Prepayment Risk
  • Claims Analysis


“Three of the top five global insurance companies use MicroStrategy platform for business-critical applications including customer analysis, financial analysis and compliance, fraud profiling, and risk analysis…”

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