Personalising and Distributing Information to Over 1,000 Employees

A leading international pharmaceutical company – employing some 65,000 people in 150 countries -selected MicroStrategy to deliver daily mission-critical information on sales and profitability to its employees. Using MicroStrategy platform, the client developed and deployed three business intelligence applications in record time, and anticipates deploying additional Bl applications in the near future.

Sales, marketing, production, credit and collections and personnel – are now managed using MicroStrategy technology, using intuitive query and reporting analysis against a SQL Server data warehouse. The solution provides the client with valuable sales analysis, statistical information and financial reports to manage debt more efficiently. The client also relies on MicroStrategy platform to deliver business-critical personalised information to its employees and sales force.

“MicroStrategy platform offers web-based query and reporting capabilities, intuitive and rapid access to critical information, and personalises and distributes relevant information to all our employees. The company’s outstanding services and its commitment to perfecting its platform are additional reasons we chose to work with MicroStrategy.” Chief Analyst of Information Systems