Mobile intelligent transacting for better value creation – PlusAccounting

PlusAccounting offers accounting bureau services to major retail, media and financial services organisations across the UK. Its clients require regular updates on the management of their financial affairs including sales, profitability, invoice payment and cash-flow.

Traditionally, clients would receive summaries in Excel, which would then be adapted to each client’s business. However, the summaries were not only labour intensive for the accountants, but the clients also found them lacking, and would frequently come back with multiple queries, adding even more work to the accounting firm (and more costs to the clients).

Using MicroStrategy, GIROUX developed a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that allows deciphering near-time personalised financial information to the accounting firm’s customers. Each customer now has mobile access to personalised on-demand BI to check status of recent orders/sales, profitability – to date or by period – status of paid invoice, including triggering of reminders and cash position trending function. The application is live and currently going through a beta testing phase.