Increasing Efficiency and Profitability via Customer and Product Sales Reporting

The client is one of the UK’s leading soft drink manufactures, with a turnover of some £600 million a year and supplying approximately 250,000 retailers. The company selected MicroStrategy to anchor its enterprise-wide business intelligence applications, allowing the company’s 21 UK offices to gain valuable insights into operations and increase profitability.

Following an extensive evaluation process, the client selected MicroStrategy for its pure web-based technology and its powerful analysis capabilities. MicroStrategy replaced tools from Oracle, and was also selected over competitors Brio, Business Objects and Pro Clarity. Using MicroStrategy, the client’s customer and business development managers are now able to run reports and analyse volume and contribution information on product performance at an individual customer level. This analysis helps reduce business complexity across the organisation, while identifying opportunities to increase profits.

“We are very impressed with MicroStrategy’s solution. We had a genuine need for a system that would provide our users with the ability to perform business analysis online. We chose not to remain with our previous system as it was no longer meeting our needs as an enterprise. Having considered it against other offerings on the market, MicroStrategy consistently came first in meeting the business requirements for the company, and both the analytical and online needs of our users.” ~ Head of IT Architecture & Planning