Improving the efficiency effectiveness of the business process using BI – GlaxoSmithKline

Improving the Efficiency Effectiveness of the Business Process using BI – GlaxoSmithKline 

The global team of one of GSK’s therapeutic divisions was involved in pulling information from multiple sources of data including MR hypothesis-testing data to feed into their forecasting models. The process was complex, due in part to the need for local operating companies’ approval. The work required multiple manual iterations of PowerPoint and Excel.

Using MicroStrategy, GIROUX facilitated the deployment of a BI system that allows for a unified repository of forecasting data. This included the ability to deploy key a performance indicator dashboard, enabling management to monitor the performance of a particular asset down to a granular level. Although Excel remained the main front-end tool for the analysts, GIROUX’s intervention proved invaluable for facilitating coordinated updates, saving both time and iterations of forecasting data whilst unleashing insights through deployment of BI.