About Giroux

Founded in 2007, GIROUX has grown from a business and financial modelling firm to become a leading UK strategic analytics and business intelligence consultancy focused on aiding leading insurers. Giroux makes sense of the mass of data generated by organisations to gain deep commercial insights, optimise your business processes, drive sales and maximise value.

GIROUX helps insurers extract the greatest value out of their data in order to overcome major data pain points by unifying, organising and presenting their data in a format that gives timely, accurate insights on a powerful analytical platform.

We are honoured to be partnered with MicroStrategy, the world’s leading pure-play BI provider, helping our clients gain more rapid returns on their BI investments. We also engage in strong relationships with key data warehouse and ETL providers including Teradata, IBM and many Microsoft Gold Data Platform partners. By 2011, we had successfully completed multiple data warehousing projects, and recently we partnered with data warehousing environment software business WhereScape, accelerating our growth into agile data warehousing and business intelligence deployment. GIROUX works widely with insurers, syndicates, captives and MGAs.

We have also experience within the following sectors:

  • Financial Services (other than insurance)
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Infrastructure, Energy & Transport


Our Founder and Managing Director, Eric Giroux

“Working as an analyst in the City of London, I found that pulling data can be a shockingly cumbersome and expensive process – Ultimately this frustration inspired me to find another way.

I founded Giroux with the intent of engineering a data warehousing and analytics solution that was more affordable and more efficient to anything else on the market. In over ten years we have established a team of experts capable of providing an end-to-end data analytics solution. Their agility, flexibility and scalability are second to none. I have a great passion for creating efficiencies and strive to help insurers gain complete control of their data.  It is this control that brings a clarity and transparency that can yield truly transformative insights”

Eric Giroux holds an MBA from the London Business School (MBA FT99), a BEng in Mechanical and Robotic Engineering from École Polytechnique (Canada). He is also and is a certified MicroStrategy and Microsoft BI consultant. Eric has a 20-year track record in business analytics; including extensive financial management consulting with Deloitte (London) with an insurance focus. Recent clients include Amlin Plc, Prudential Plc and several MGAs.

Over the past few years Eric has delivered practical insurance focussed analytics solutions to large clients across Europe, North America and Asia, as well as numerous UK SMEs.


“Eric Giroux gets things done… strong financial management competence…combined with gold standard process management skills.”
~ A. Tonnel, Director, Deloitte, London, UK

GIROUX Consultants

We believe it all starts with people. When you work with GIROUX, you can expect to engage with trusted advisers who will communicate with your employees on a personal level. Critically, we aren’t just IT people; we’re business people. We employ only highly experienced, fully-qualified specialists who have a comprehensive understanding of your industry and its priorities. Working under the  personal guidance of Eric Giroux; GIROUX consultants possess robust communication and project management skills. Client-facing consultants are mature and possess the required gravitas to gain buy-in with senior managers and decision makers.

“Highly creative yet workable solutions… ability to listen, rigorous
and tenacious project management skills.”
~ M. Lemieux, SAP, Paris, France

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